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One-on-one Stretch Therapy sessions are now available in South Surrey.

Stretch Therapy Vancouver has joined forces with Drive365 Fitness & Health, collaborating with their skilled physiotherapist to offer PNF stretching and corrective exercise programs. These programs, which have received the stamp of approval from physiotherapy experts, may be eligible for coverage under your extended health benefits. We've received numerous inquiries about this exciting opportunity, and we're delighted to announce its availability only in South Surrey.


Here's how it works:

1. You simply reach out by completing the contact form below and I will pass the info directly to Drive365. 

2. They will verify your coverage and schedule an appointment with their experienced physiotherapist.

3. The physiotherapist will assess your specific areas of concern and design a tailored corrective program, scheduling follow-up sessions as needed.

4. I will collaborate with the physiotherapist as a support provider to deliver PNF stretching and corrective exercises that address your unique requirements.


We offer 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute sessions to accommodate your needs. To get started, please click the button below to contact and arrange an appointment. If you have coverage, your initial meeting will be with a physiotherapist, followed by the booking of subsequent sessions for Stretch Therapy.  

Rob has over 10 years of experience.  He combines the techniques of Stretch Therapy, PNF Stretching, Facilitated Stretching, Back Stability, Sports Therapy for the Shoulder plus the clinical assessment and treatment of muscle imbalances to get you the best results.  These technique are so effective, you only need to practice once or twice a week saving you time to enjoy the sports and activities you love. 

No coverage, no problem,

Contact Rob directly to learn more and get an appointment for Stretch Therapy right away.

Contact for Stretch Therapy in South Surrey.

Thanks for submitting!

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