Stretch Therapy has returned to Kits, Renfrew Park & Britannia Community Centres. 


Learn the contract and relax technique of PNF Stretching plus other partner assisted techniques to release fascia, tight muscles and unlock your joints so you can move with ease. These techniques are so effective, only one or two classes a week are recommended. Release your hamstrings, hips, back and shoulders to improve posture, mobility and range of motion.

  Click the button below to register with The City Of Vancouver. 

Click or contact for Year Round Classes.  Please note, Community Centre classes are normally only available September to mid December and January to June.


 Community Centre Schedule:


Britannia Community Centre-

Room: Canucks Family Education Centre

classes: October 31st to December 5th.

$150 plus tax for the program.

Sorry, program full


Renfrew Park Community Centre.  

Room: Dojo

5:30 pm - 6:40 pm.

6 classes:  October 26th to November 30th.


Drop-ins $30 plus tax available in advance at the front counter.



Kitsilano Community Centre.

Room: Lobby

7:15 pm - 8:25 pm.

6 classes: October 27th to December 1st.

150 plus tax for the program.

Drop-ins $30 plus tax available in advance at the front counter.


Sorry, program full

Please contact for Sunday program.

Please click the button to register for the Community Centre Stretch Therapy program nearest you.  If you prefer, you can also call the Community Centre directly and ask to register for Stretch Therapy.  Since there are multiple programs, times, locations and dates, please double check to assure you have selected the correct program.  I look forward to helping you move and feel better!  

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