Benefits of PNF Stretching

Saves time and money

Increases Strength

Improves posture

Increases range of motion

Recover from exercise

Reduces the effects of sitting all day


Non-Community Centre Stretch Therapy classes are available year round.  Drop-ins and a 5 class package is available for all three classes and is not time specific so you can enjoy them whenever you are available.  



11:30 am   

Baza Dance ~1304 Seymour St.  (Seymour & Drake)




9:45am~ Ache Brasil Capoeira

341 East Broadway

(Broadway and Kingsway)


7 pm~ Full Circle Studio


1183 Odlum Drive

(between Clark and Commercial)

Save time and be more efficient with your mobility training.  Only one or two classes per week is recommend and will compliment any fitness program.