Online Stretch Therapy Classes are available Tuesdays at 10 am.  

Lengthen and strengthen your muscles. Learn the contract and relax technique of solo PNF Stretching to release your hamstrings, hips, back and shoulders.  Every class is different and compliments each other.  Follow along or practice at your own convenience.  Everyone that registers will receive a video copy of the class to view for a week.  Now you can practice a twice on your own even if you're not available for the start time.     


 No partner required, the online classes will demonstrate solo techniques only.

If you’re new to PNF and Stretch Therapy, please watch this 7 minute video explaining the techniques of PNF Stretching before class.

To prepare for the class:

• A space that you can focus on yourself, and stretch.  You will need some wall space to hold for balance and/or sit against (back to wall).

• A soft surface, either on a rug or laying out a Yoga mat on the floor.  A pillow or towel to kneel on. 


• Dress comfortably so you can move freely. 

*Join in at least 5 min before the class starts.  If using smart device, rotate lengthwise for full view.  

Save time and be more efficient with your mobility training.  Only one or two classes per week is recommend and will compliment any fitness program.